Wanted: Atlanta-based ACD to do amazing work AND do good in the world

Long job descriptions are great--you need all the details to know what you’re getting into.

But for our first formal introduction, let’s jump right into the nitty gritty. It’s why we’re both here, right?

Media Cause, a full service digital agency working solely for nonprofits, cause-driven organizations, social enterprises, and mission-focused brands is looking for a unicorn of an Associate Creative Director (design-side) to make an immediate impact on our big ideas, strategy, and design work; make a long term impact on building the skills and capacity of our creative team; and make the biggest impact of all on the causes and communities our clients are working to support.

Doing great work AND doing good in the world? We’ll wait while you pinch yourself.

Yes, we’re for real. The role is legit. Ask anyone on the team and they’ll tell you the work will probably be more fulfilling than anything else you’ve done in your professional life. But we’re asking a lot of this ACD because this role MEANS a lot to our agency--and we know it’s not going to be right for everyone. Let’s see if it’s right for you.

YOU must:

  • Come from a design/art direction background with 8-10 years agency experience, a strong focus in digital, and a solid portfolio that shows your thinking process, not just your pixel prowess
  • Have strong UX chops and the ability/desire to help other team members develop theirs
  • Be a strategy nerd (or be 100% down with becoming one)--we believe the big ideas that move mountains are built on a solid foundation of insight, and it’ll be part of your job to help uncover those insights
  • Know how to instinctually tell a good idea from a great one, even (and especially) when they’re not your own
  • Be able to put together presentation decks and sell our work (to clients and internal agency leadership) like a stealthy, Keynote-conquering, storytelling ninja
  • Thrive on juggling multiple projects (in fact, you might get bored if you’re not doing 6 things at once)
  • Be organized, confident, and experienced enough to help lead the team, but still humble and willing to get your hands dirty making the doughnuts yourself
  • Have some level of project manager baked into your DNA to help keep projects and team members on track
  • Think of account folks as your partners, not your frenemies (we’re all in it together)
  • Be comfortable being uncomfortable--and helping others climb that mountain with you
  • Believe in saying “YES, and…” more than “YES, but…”
  • Speak client and developer fluently
  • Be willing to get crafty and understand that regardless of budget (nonprofits don’t always have a lot), it’s our job to figure out how to do great work.
  • Hold yourself personally accountable and responsible for the work of your team, and expect others to do the same
  • Genuinely be driven by a passion to make a difference, not just make money. Although we’re here to help you do both.

If we haven’t scared you away yet, drop us a note. We’d love to talk.